Make Brushing Fun: Get Your Kids Excited About Oral Health

Oral Health for Children Brushing and flossing can often seem like a chore to kids, and it can be hard to convince them otherwise.

So how do we instill excellent dental habits from an early age to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles? Spoiler alert: It means parents getting creative! Here are a few helpful strategies from Dental Kidz Club to make oral hygiene an enjoyable experience for your little ones.

Interactive Brushing Apps

With the rise of digital technology, many interactive mobile apps are available to encourage kids to brush. Some of these apps include fun games, animations, and timers to ensure kids brush for the recommended two minutes.

Some apps even allow kids to brush along with their favorite cartoon characters!

Story Time With the Toothbrush

Telling a fun story during brush time can help make it an interesting activity for children. Need some inspiration? How about that most famous superhero of all: Super Toothbrush, who fights off his evil nemesis: “Cavity Monster,” to keep teeth strong and shiny.

Many children are receptive to storytelling, and you can use this opportunity to connect with them and explain why brushing twice a day is essential.

Reward Systems

Implementing a reward system can be another effective method for motivating kids to brush and floss. It won’t take too much tie to design a monthly dental chart, where children can earn stars or stickers for each time they brush.

After reaching a certain number of stars, they can trade them in for a small reward. This could be an extra bedtime story, a healthy snack, or even a new toy.

Schedule a Consultation Today 

While these strategies can make brush time fun for kids, there’s no replacing regular visits to Dental Kidz Club.

We make dental visits easier on parents by only seeing scheduled patients. That means there’s no waiting for several hours when you visit one of our many locations in California. We know your time is valuable, so you can trust that treatment will start the same day as your first visit. Visit our website to find the location nearest you, and call us at 951-200-5553 to schedule an appointment. See you soon!

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