Our Mission

“We provide Exceptional and Affordable dental services to every child”

Our Team-Centered Culture

At Dental Kidz Club, we’re not just passionate about your child’s smile; we’re also a closely-knit team that’s committed to helping each of our staff be the best they can be. Our approach to a work-life balance allows our team members to put their own family’s needs first. Because face it, that’s what we all want for our families. As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from a glass that’s empty.” To remain full of energy and compassion for our patients, we want our team to be able to take care of their own personal lives before they come to work.

Thinking Outside of the Box

We want Dental Kidz Club to be a place where our staff grow personally and professionally. That’s why we care for each other just as much as we do our patients and their families.

  • Trainings and professional development take place as a team, getting everyone on the same page and provided the same resources when it comes to high-quality patient care.
  • Group oriented strategies ensures your child receives consistent care every time they’re here, no matter which team member you’re seeing.
  • We book Fridays as “Flexible Work Days” so that when we aren’t training together as a team, staff can have the day off to spend it with their family or run whatever errands they want (and still get paid for a 40-hour work week!)
  • We purposely centralize our work schedule around a 4-day work week to allow for optimal training and family time for our team.

But ongoing education isn’t the only thing we provide our team.

  • We also include staff with benefits like paid vacation and a matching 401k.
  • Each of our team members can feel comfortable sharing ideas, as we believe that it’s important to grow from the inside-out when it comes to patient care. While these ideas may not sound original, they are for most dental practices.
  • We believe “People, Patients, and Company” (PPC) is the only way to promote upward growth for our staff and overall practice mission. That way, everyone in the office benefits; not just the dentist/owners and their personal family. In fact, our practice leaders have taken pay cuts to ensure that benefits funnel down to the entire team, raising overall morale and improving the harmonious atmosphere of our practice.

What Does This Mean for Our Patients?

We’re not here to fit in as many patients we can in five days a week. While your child’s care is important, we know that keeping our staff happy and able to care for their own families improves morale within our practice. As such, you and your child get to see happy, well-rested team members when you’re here (instead of feeling rushed in and out or as if we’re only trying to meet a production quota.) Are you ready to experience the care of a dental team that puts others first? Then it’s time to make Dental Kidz Club your child’s new oral health care providers. We love our patients — but we love our staff, too!

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