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If you're looking for a dentist for your children, have you considered pediatric dentistry instead of family practice? Children's dental needs change significantly as they grow from infant to teenager, and a pediatric dentist has specific training in caring for these needs throughout each life stage. Dental Kidz Club has a team of friendly, experienced pediatric dentists led by Jihee Chun, DDS, at our locations in Perris, Brea, Corona, Covina, Ontario, Chino, and Riverside, California. Call the practice to schedule an appointment.

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Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

When you compare a child's dentistry needs to an adult's, it's easy to see the two are significantly different. Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dental care that focuses specifically on children's dental needs, from infant to teenager.

A pediatric dentist has the same qualifications as a family dentist, with an additional two to three years of training in child-specific study. This training equips them with an understanding of child psychology and behaviors to create a treatment environment that even the most boisterous or anxious child feels comfortable in.

The team at Dental Kidz Club does all they can to give their young patients a wonderful experience at every visit.

What Treatments Come Under Pediatric Dentistry?

Dental Kidz Club offers the full range of dental services children might need while growing up. They include:

  • Oral health exams
  • Cavity repair
  • Orthodontic assessments
  • Preventive dental care
  • Treatment for dental injuries
  • Gum disease management
  • Tooth extraction

The team also offers habit counseling to children reluctant to give up thumb sucking or pacifier use and treats dental issues that occur as a side-effect of chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

What Makes a Pediatric Dentist Different From a Family Dentist?

A pediatric dentist treats only children, and you see this from the moment you arrive at any of the Dental Kidz Club offices. The friendly team greets every child with a big smile and warm welcome, and each location has bright, fun décor and plenty of activities to do while a child waits.

The team itself has full training in working with children: how to relate to them, to build rapport quickly, and to explain things in a way a child understands. While a family practice team may have years of dentistry experience, they won't have the specialized skills and expertise that a pediatric dentist has.

Pediatric treatment differs from family dentistry treatment, too. The team uses child-friendly dentistry equipment, smaller than the tools used on adults, and treatment is typically non- or minimally invasive.

Can Children Receive Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can help patients feel more relaxed and less anxious during their dental procedure. Children, especially, can feel nervous when heading to a dental appointment. Sedation dentistry can not only help them feel calm during treatment but also allow them to feel less pain as well. The following sedation treatments are perfectly safe for children:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedation
  • IV Sedation
  • General Anesthesia

While sedation dentistry is typically safe for children, it can always be helpful to consult with your pediatric dentist to ensure your child has no underlying health conditions that may impact their treatment.

How Often Should Children See the Dentist?

Just like adults, children should visit their dentists every six months. This is the regular frequency for annual dental checkups. These checkups can ensure your child’s teeth are healthy, free of cavities, and thoroughly cleaned to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Depending on your child’s oral health, a dentist may recommend visits as frequently as every three months. However, if your child keeps up with a good oral routine, a dental visit twice each year should help them achieve optimal oral health.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists offer specialized support for children and teens throughout their development. Whether your child needs routine care or more frequent visits, their comprehensive knowledge of pediatric oral health helps them provide the most tailored care. With the knowledge of how to treat a child’s teeth, comfort them during treatment, and provide high-quality dental care with a gentle approach, the following are just a few benefits of having a pediatric dentist:

  • Specialized training
  • Familiarity with their dentist
  • Comfortability in a kid-friendly environment
  • Understanding of children’s growth and development
  • Dental tools specified for pediatric dentistry

How Can I Get My Child to Be More Comfortable at the Dentist?

It can be easy for your child to feel nervous at the dentist. Simple things such as brushing your teeth alongside them each morning and night can help them feel more confident about taking care of their oral health. Pretending to “play dentist” can also give them a clear idea of what the experience at a dental office will be like. Educate them on the importance of dental hygiene and accompany them to their dental appointments so they have a person they are comfortable with near them during treatment.

Schedule a Dental Consultation at Dental Kidz Club

Dental care is never more important than during childhood; it can shape your dental health for life. Give your child the best start by choosing a pediatric dentist at Dental Kidz Club. To schedule a consultation for your child, click here to request an appointment at one of our offices in Southern California. We proudly serve dental patients in the following Southern California locations:

Brea – 562-691-3788

Chino – 909-328-6869

Corona – 951-404-5759

Covina – 626-328-4930

Ontario – 909-978-9757

Perris – 951-425-4988

Riverside – 951-395-0024

Moreno Valley – 951-570-5701

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