Common Reasons Why Your Child May Need Dental Fillings

dental fillings Keeping your teeth healthy and looking good throughout a lifetime isn’t always the easiest of tasks—even for adults. So when it comes to children and their dental health, there are risks their teeth can face as they learn about the world around them and how to take care of their newly emerging adult teeth properly. Thankfully, when damage does occur, there are a variety of modern dental and orthodontic treatments that can mend those issues, such as dental fillings for kids.

Dental fillings can be made from a variety of materials, but their purpose is to help repair and fill in the gaps in damaged teeth. And when it comes to these fillings, timely treatment is often needed to ensure the integrity of the tooth, so it’s essential to know when and why your child might need dental fillings.

Accidental Tooth Damage

As briefly touched on in the introduction, tooth damage is the main problem that fillings seek to resolve. However, tooth damage can take on a variety of forms. Sometimes while roughhousing, a child might accidentally chip or break a tooth. Likewise, if, despite your guidance, your child hasn’t kept up with proper brushing and flossing, they may develop a cavity that will need to be replaced with an effective filling.

Root Canal Treatment

If a cavity is left untreated and the tooth is left to decay further, a root canal treatment may be necessary to correct the issue. But once the treatment is completed and the decay has been removed (in the case that the whole tooth is not lost), there will be a gap left that will need to be corrected with dental fillings.

Improper Tooth Development

Sometimes, it may be no one’s fault at all that a dental issue has arisen with your child. Teeth can occasionally develop improperly, and when that does happen, dental fillings for kids can be used for the corrective treatments necessary to restore your child’s dental health.

Simple and Effective Dental Fillings at Dental Kidz Club

If your child is suffering from one of the issues above or you have some other concern about their dental health, be sure to reach out to Dental Kidz Club today at 951-200-5553. Without countless locations, from Brea and Chino, CA, to Perris and Riverside, CA, you can easily find the help your child needs at a location near you.

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