Let’s Talk About Flossing! (A Parent’s Guide)

Cute,Boy,Pulling,Loose,Tooth,Using,A,Dental,Floss.,The Not sure how to get your kids to floss? Tired of the nightly argument in the bathroom trying to convince them to keep their teeth clean? We’ve got you, moms and dads! At Dental Kidz Club, our team is here to help you with convincing your kids to floss, one night at a time. Read on for tips on how to make kids care about flossing and get excited about dental hygiene!

Make it Fun

Allowing your child to choose fun flossers at the grocery store can go a long way in getting them to participate in flossing. Many flossers come in fun flavors, animal shapes, and more. Encourage your child to choose their own and personalize the experience.

Floss with Them

If you’re not flossing, it’s tough to convince your kids that they should be. Taking a few minutes to go through oral care together can help your kids set up a healthy nighttime routine. Showing your child how you floss and encouraging them to do the same is a great first step. For younger kids, you may need to floss for them, but encourage them to try first (and let them know you’re just double-checking that they didn’t miss anything).

Set a Timer

There’s not much that gets kids on task quite like a timer! Set a timer on your phone for 90 seconds, and tell your little ones that you bet they can’t floss all of their teeth in that time. Playing a clip of one of their favorite songs for that time can also help them get in the groove of getting their teeth clean, night after night. Be sure to celebrate and tell them that they did a great job after they’re done!

Dental Kidz Club: We’re Here for Your Kiddos!

We get it — convincing kids to floss can be tough, and we’re here to help! Whether your little ones are dealing with tooth pain or are simply in need of a cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today at 562-691-3788 (Brea), 909-465-0111 (Chino), 951-200-5553 (Corona), (626) 332-4063 (Covina), (909) 984-4444 (Ontario), (951)657-3102 (Perris), and (951) 324-1480 (Riverside). We look forward to meeting you and your little one!

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