Children’s Dental Health Month: Top Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids!

Little,Baby,Boy,With,Tooth,Brush The right oral health habits can go a long way, especially for children. We’ve outlined some crucial dental hygiene tips for kids below. This list isn’t exhaustive, of course, but it’s a fantastic start.

Brush Twice a Day for Two Minutes Each Time

One of the most important steps for securing good oral health is brushing your teeth at least twice daily. Your child should brush their teeth for at least two minutes each time. This will allow the fluoride in the toothpaste time to remineralize their teeth.

Don’t Forget to Brush Back Teeth

Some kids think they can skip brushing the back of their teeth because no one will see them. However, this can result in oral health problems, like cavities and gum disease. Even kids who brush behind their teeth sometimes forget certain spots, so remind them the importance of getting all their teeth when they brush.

Brush Slow and Steady

Sometimes children put too much force and speed into brushing their teeth. This can result in abrasion damage and other issues. You don’t need to brush your teeth with a lot of force, and a moderate pace is often more effective than quickly scrubbing. It’s wise to take your child to the dentist’s office if you need help teaching them the correct way to brush. Also, choose a soft-bristle toothbrush that is gentler on their teeth.

Don’t Forget The Gums

Gum disease is common among children. It’s important for kids to brush their gums thoroughly. If your child notices blood when they spit out their toothpaste, it may be because of gingivitis. They’ll want to start brushing more, and it’s a good idea to contact your dentist or to schedule an appointment.

Rinse After Eating

After a child eats a snack or meal, it’s smart to have them rinse out their mouth. This will remove debris and sugar coating their teeth. By reducing sugar and food debris in their mouth, you can inhibit bacteria growth, thus protecting their teeth. It’s especially important to rinse after your child eats or drinks something sugary. A fluoride mouthwash is one of the best choices, but even simple water can make a difference.

We Put Your Child’s Smile First

At the Dental Kidz Club, we specialize in helping kids and teens with their oral health. We have offices throughout California, including Perris, Brea, Corona, Covina, Ontario, and Chino. You can find contact numbers or message us through our contact page.

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