5 Signs of a Dental Emergency

5 Signs of a Dental Emergency

As a parent, you do all you can to keep your child healthy and happy. But accidents and injuries can still happen — and that includes dental emergencies. In fact, research shows tooth pain from problems like cavities is common among school-age kids, and without prompt care, it can even interfere with their school work and social activities.

Some dental emergencies are obvious, like a tooth that gets broken or knocked out. But other emergencies aren’t so obvious — in fact, the signs can be subtle. To help you decide when it’s time to seek emergency dental care, the team at Dental Kidz Club offers this quick overview of some of the most common signs to watch out for.

#1: Persistent tooth pain

Tooth pain is one of the most common symptoms of a dental emergency. Lots of issues can cause tooth or jaw pain, including cavities, infections, foreign objects, and impacted teeth. Ignoring tooth pain or treating it with at-home remedies allows those underlying problems to get worse, and that means eventually, your child may need more extensive treatment to correct it.

#2: Pain when biting or chewing

While some toothaches cause continual pain, other problems cause pain when your child bites or chews — essentially, anytime pressure is placed on the tooth. This type of pain also has several possible causes, including infections, abscesses, and “stuck” objects. Like persistent tooth pain, intermittent pain or pain when biting or chewing also need prompt evaluation to prevent more serious issues.

#3: Swollen or bleeding gums

Minor swelling could indicate an adult tooth is getting ready to erupt. But it may also mean there’s an infection in a tooth or in the gum, or it might mean that a new tooth that’s trying to erupt is “stuck” under another tooth — a condition called impaction. Likewise, bleeding gums could indicate gum disease or soft tissue infection.

#4: Tooth that looks “odd”

Lots of problems can affect the way a tooth looks, from a chip or fracture, to a missing filling, to a change in position due to a fall or other accident. If your child’s tooth looks unusual — especially if the change in appearance is accompanied by pain — you should call the office immediately to find out what’s causing that change.

#5: Missing filling or restoration

Fillings, crowns, and other restorations protect your child’s teeth from future decay, just like they protect yours. When a restoration goes missing, your child can wind up in a lot of pain. Plus, the tooth itself can be at risk for more damage. Scheduling emergency care provides prompt symptom relief while maintaining your child’s oral health.

Protect your child’s oral health

Bottom line: Any issue or injury involving your child’s teeth, gums, or mouth should be dealt with as soon as possible to relieve discomfort and prevent more serious problems from happening. If you have any questions about symptoms your child is experiencing, don’t hesitate to call the office so we can schedule a visit right away. 

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