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Dental Fillings for Children

At Dental Kidz Club, we take every precaution to screen for the earliest signs of tooth decay. Diagnosing cavities early is crucial for children, because their teeth can decay at a much faster rate. If demineralization is intercepted before a cavity forms, our local dentists can prescribe fluoride supplements to help reverse the decay process.

White Dental Fillings

Composite (white) fillings are best for children’s teeth, because they’re less invasive and help preserve the largest amount of tooth structure. Plus, they match their smile’s natural color!

How to Prevent Cavities in Kids

  • Schedule regular dental checkups every six months
  • Help your child brush and floss daily, until they can tie their own shoes
  • Use a fluoridated toothpaste twice per day
  • Encourage healthy diet choices
  • Boost their water intake

But Won’t Their Tooth Fall Out?

Yes. But, decay and infections in baby teeth can easily spread to the adult teeth underneath. Premature tooth loss can lead to permanent changes in your child’s future smile (including crowding, crooked teeth, and impacted teeth.)

Is Your Child in Pain?

Cavities don’t always hurt but if your child has a toothache, call our kids dentists at any of our locations today!

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