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Kids’ teeth are made to exfoliate (fall out) on their own. But sometimes, they need to be taken out for the sake of the teeth around them. Although our children’s dentistry team wants to help your child preserve their baby teeth, some of the reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted include situations like:

  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Dental emergencies
  • Orthodontic complications
  • Severe abscesses
  • A retained baby tooth
  • Non-restorable tooth decay

Space Maintainers

Baby teeth act as guides for the adult teeth underneath. Extracting one prematurely can cause the space in that area to close in. To prevent shifting teeth, our Covina, Riverside, Brea, Corona and Ontario children’s dentists may recommend attaching a space maintainer on the tooth next to it. Sometimes called a “band and loop”, this small device is worn until the adult tooth starts to erupt.

Keeping Your Child Comfortable

Wiggling out a tooth is typically simple and straightforward. However, we want to ensure that your child feels as comfortable as possible throughout the entire visit. A small amount of numbing gel and local anesthetic will be used. Gentle sedation is also available!

Should your child’s tooth be extracted? Call Dental Kidz Club for an exam.

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