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IV vs. Oral Sedation: Which is Right for My Child?

The type of dental sedation that’s best for your child will depend on things like their age, medical background, typical behavior, and the type of procedure that’s needed.

When it comes to choosing between IV and Oral sedation, some of the different advantages you will want to consider include:

Oral Sedation:

  • No injections needed
  • Medication is easily taken by mouth, via a syrup or pill
  • Can be combined with nitrous oxide
  • Child is still partially alert and able to respond to questions or instructions
  • Preferred for in-office procedures
  • Administered by our licensed sedation dentist
  • Starts to wear off within a few hours

IV Sedation:

  • Can be shortened or lengthened, depending on procedure time
  • Deeper level of sedation than oral medications
  • More precise in regard to dosage
  • Nothing to swallow
  • Ideal for oral surgeries or complex medical conditions
  • Best for hospital settings
  • Preferred for optimal sedation outcomes
  • Can be administered by a licensed sedation dentist, nurse anesthetist, or anesthesiologist